Date: 2016-11-20 12:50 am (UTC)
shri: (» we will never be bought or sold)
From: [personal profile] shri
Her glance is anxious to it - casting her eyes back to her, then back to Daryl, later, she's maybe thinking. She can give something in apology. About learning to live with these things.

Easy as anything, she rises to the bait, "it's not about being lit." The word is far too proper and wrong coming out of her mouth and done to be mocking. Because it's a joke at this point, something Carl and anyone younger than her - read: just about all of them - like to make her do and say. Force her to say words she doesn't understand.

"Unless you think you can't handle your liquor to stave off, oh, I don't know, dysentery. Because I can assure you that's not a romantic tale."
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