Date: 2016-11-20 09:26 pm (UTC)
pigsfeet: (macho poncho)
From: [personal profile] pigsfeet
Daryl snorts. "You ain't seen half how bad I can be. C'mon." He pats the ground next to his sleeping bag, coaxing her to sit. Rani, in his mind, is a lot more like wild game than she'd like to think. Whatever she's seen, whatever she's lived through, it's made her wary, and too observant by half. She picks things up, chews on them for ages, and is slow to take orders. Like some kind of wild deer, or maybe one of them big cats.

It makes talking to her hard, if you're impatient. Luckily, Daryl ain't.

"Doing a run tomorrow. Need a place to settle down that ain't just campground."
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