Date: 2016-11-20 10:03 pm (UTC)
shri: (» we are the hearts)
From: [personal profile] shri
True to form, she is just that with his offer: wary. Her hand taps by her leg, her head tilts as she watches him before she moves. The bite on the inside of her lip that's consideration as she moves her weight on her feet. Then she settles her shoulders, turns back to what she had been in the process of cleaning and comes back to him. It's quick, in its way, she's nothing if not direct, sometimes.

She drops herself by his side, the bowl of water in front of her, somewhat mollified with his offer of distraction. The brush of her knee to the outside of his leg as she gets herself settled, her head dipping back down over her work, the small scouring brush to work free the grim and blood from the links in the chain. She takes more care over this then she does over herself.

"I'll come with you, should you wish it." Automatic offer that comes forward without even looking. She's better when she's moving, she always has been and she hates to let other people go alone, no matter what she may pretend.
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