Date: 2016-11-19 11:03 pm (UTC)
pigsfeet: (killing me softly)
From: [personal profile] pigsfeet
Rani settles in better than he thought she would, which isn't, probably, that damn surprising. He'd expected more derision, more complaining-- everybody's lost somebody, everybody's afraid of losing somebody, most folks are afraid of dying. He was expecting them to nag her more, and her to spit poison back. Instead, she becomes this strange mythical figure. They sit around the campfire listening to her stories, and it sets her and her life farther apart from them. If it's a tall tale, they're less likely to grasp at it.

She does make a few mistakes, of course. She says what she's not supposed to, looks where she shouldn't see, makes her voice heard where it should be quiet. But all of that is normal for new people. Some of them have been together since Atlanta. They know the rhythms of each other better than most families.

That's what they are, in the end. Brothers and sisters in an endless line, running between the trees and hiding from death.

One night, she says the wrong thing in front of the wrong woman, and she's smart enough to ask, not demand. When you make a mistake, you bounce back. He shakes his head and leads her away from another girl's deepset frown. "Her guy died... ugly," Daryl mutters in a low tone, meant only for Rani. Ugly doesn't half cover it, but he doesn't want to bring up that spectre. "He stole some wine, once. You talking drinking reminded her of it."
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