Date: 2016-11-19 11:46 pm (UTC)
shri: (» now we've become the ghost)
From: [personal profile] shri
Bad habits - she always talked like she expected to be listened to, without pause and consideration for other's feelings. Used to just swallowing most of it when it's back at her, and that was the price of ruling and then the time afterwards. No one said being immortal made them considerate, made them wise or all knowing, that was definitely the greatest of the myth because it made them nothing but human if but older and more bitter. Her encounters with Galahad had said as much of where she might end up, given enough time.

Seems she'd become just that too.

But it still hits low, breathing out, it hadn't been her intention to drag up something painful in her stories. "I meant only that we drank more often because of the issues with water - that perhaps we could do something the same." Her mouth opens, shuts - it doesn't matter what she meant, did it? She stands, dropping her jewellery into the water she'd been using for cleaning. "I will speak to her. I never intended..." Moves like she's ready to move past him to her.
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