Date: 2016-11-20 12:16 am (UTC)
pigsfeet: (im ambivalent on u (no homo))
From: [personal profile] pigsfeet
"Nah, don't." He holds up his hands, trying to ward her away. "Won't appreciate it."

Since her man died, she's been... different. Cold. She was always a hard, especially for a girl, but now she's someone different. Has to get over it for her own self. Won't appreciate kind words from some queen that feels like everything she's lost.

That said, Daryl has no illusions about Rani, either, and doesn't expect her to actually listen. He waves her over, away from the campfire, and the rest of the group that hasn't yet fallen asleep. "And I ain't gonna run off half lit all the time."

Pulling her into an argument, that can't hurt.
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